A Brief Explantion Of The Time Banking Scheme

This new scheme will be an opportunity for all parents who
volunteer their time in helping out within the school and with school events,
to earn credits. These credits can then be exchanged for a voucher or free pass
for an activity, an example of which may be a voucher for “playzone” (a kid’s
adventure centre). A list of these will be confirmed and made available soon.

So how it works, basically 1 hour of your time volunteered
gives you 1 credit, so the more hours you volunteer, the more credits earned.
Each voucher will have a corresponding credit amount needed to be earned to get
the free voucher.

We are looking forward to starting this scheme soon. A list
of things you can volunteer for are listed below and it is nice for all parents
who will be volunteering their time to receive something back.

5 Events To Earn Time Banking Credits

Spring Clean

Book Fair

School Garden

Sports Day

Summer Fair



School Books Club

We are delighted to be setting up our own school book club
this February. We feel and hope that this scheme will be of interest and
benefit to all families within the school.

Towards the end of each school year, we are all faced with the book list and the thought of handing over a substantial sum of money in one
go. This scheme will give parents the option to spread the cost
of the school books over the school year. You can give as much or as little as
you like to either have the vast majority paid off by the end of the year or
the full amount. Each member will be given a registration form to fill out. You
will then be given a record book and a registration number. Once a month the
PTA will sit and take the money and record it in each member’s record book.

There will also be an option for those parents who work or find it hard to get
into the school in the morning to send their child in with their record book in
a brown envelope (which will be provided). This envelope will be put into a box
in their class where it will be collected and recorded by a member of the PTA
and sent home.


Coffee Mornings

There will be individual coffee mornings held for each class
within the school, these are going to be an informal chance to get to know some
more people in your child’s class and to have a nice cup of tea/coffee and chat
after dropping the older kids off to classes. We have plenty of toys to keep
the younger children and babies entertained and happy .We really hope as many
as you as possible will be able to come along, they will be held in our parents
room upstairs and a list of dates for each class will be put up soon.

I look forward to seeing some new faces and getting some
fresh ideas hopefully over this term.


Kind Regards


Amy Sines

(PTA Chairperson)


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