As per our school PE Yearly Plan all classes receive 1 hour of timetabled PE per week and each class cover at least 5 strands throughout the year. Children in 2nd Class go swimming for 8 weeks and the children in the ASD classes go every Tuesday for the year. The PAWS programme is taught yearly. We have a shared PE folder on our R Drive with resources for all strands of the curriculum that is used by our teachers, for planning PE. We also use the PSSI lesson plans, Fit 4 Class and the Move Well Move Often scheme.

In the past 2 years we have prioritised the Gymnastics Strand as an area for development. We used Croke Park hours for all staff to receive CPD in gymnastics. We also added to our gymnastics equipment to ensure we could deliver the strand to a high standard. Teachers watched other teachers doing Gymnastics with their class.

Gymnastics equipment: mats, crash mat, springboard, horse, tumble wedge, hands/feet and balance beam.


For 2018/19 we are focusing on covering the fundamental movement skills as per department guidelines. We are covering the skills through the strands of the curriculum (see PE plan). Teachers have attended the PDST Physical Literacy: Move Well Move Often, Day 1 and 2 in April and May 2018. Whole staff CPD is scheduled for the fundamental movement skills with a member of the PDST on Wednesday 26th August.  We use a board to display the current strand and fundamental movement skill we are focusing on that month.

FMS display







For indoor playtimes we use Go Noodle and Bizzy Breaks from the Irish Heart Foundation.

How we ensure that children with special needs can play a full role in all P.E. opportunities.

At Lucan East Educate together we in ensure that children with special needs play a full role in physical education.
We have an hour set aside for physical education in the hall each week.
We play instructional games, take part in physical activities/obstacles courses
We use equipment such as hurdles, bean bags, hoops, beams, mats and balls.
We really enjoy skipping and when Skippy John comes to our school we integrate with other classes to have lots of fun
learning new skipping styles and tricks.
We run relay races in teams.
We take a trip to the park where we play lots or sports games and have a picnic.
We go on a walk three times a week around the school or to the school garden to clear our heads and get fresh air.
We have swimming lessons at the Clondalkin Leisure Centre every week to develop our swimming life skill.
We have a sensory sports day each year which includes, dancing on paint, cycling our bicycles, a water and shaving foam
fight and medals for the child who has the most fun and take part in everything!
We dance every morning using Go Noodle and we have become great dancers.
We take part in obstacle courses during our occupational therapy sessions and we also bounce really high on our huge
We go jogging several times a week, half a kilometre around the school perimeter.
At Lucan East Educate Together we know how important physical education is and we make sure to incorporate this at every level.
Teamwork putting it together

Bubble rocket, run and jump on

Hurling Fun















year plan










pe plan 1








pe plan 2





Thank you to Le Chéile AC for allowing us to use their track to help our athletes train for Santry. With the help of Gerry from Lucan Harriers the children learned the techniques for 600m, long jump, hurdles, shot put, sprints and relays.

Leixlip Track 1 leixlip track 2 leixlip track 4 leixlip track 5


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