It has been a great start to the school year in Chile class. The class have been working really hard in English and have mastered how to write a recount and procedures. Several children including Redas, Abdul Samad, Calum, Maria and Nicole have been writer of the week.


In Maths we have learned about rounding and telling the time in digital and analogue as well as working on some mental maths strategies. We are becoming really good at problem solving and usually do these on Friday. We were really lucky to be able to go to the MATHS MAGICIAN Andrew Jeffrey at the Helix. He showed us some great tricks and told us that maths is all about PATTERNS and we just need to find them all around us.

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Paula has been teaching us PE. We have learned GAA skils, hand ball, stick ball which is just like volleyball. Thanks to Paula for all that sport.

At whole school singing we are working on some Beatles songs and the Lion King. Carol has a harmony group that go out and it really makes the sound even better.


we worked on projects on the counties of Ireland and now could work in the tourist office of that county.









Last week we had Maths week and did alot of fun things. The pentominoes were a real challenge but we persevered and solved the puzzle. We also did the Maths trail which brought us all around the school.










Happy Halloween everyone, Be safe and see you in November



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