We are all very excited here at Lucan East about the upcoming shows which take place next week. You can see the schedule below:

Tuesday 20th December

Show 1: 9.15 am – 10.45 Ji & SI

Show 2: 11am – 12.30 3rd & 4th

Wednesday 21st December

Show 1: 9.15 am – 10.45 5th & 6th

Show 2: 11am – 12.30 1st & 2nd

The school will be videoing the event for any interested parents and will provide a password protected link free of charge. Parents and friends will not be allowed to video or photograph the event but we will have pictures uploaded onto our website afterwards. Many children find all the camera phones very intimidating and this way we have found that parents can enjoy the show more and still be able have a record of a very important milestone in their child’s life when they are not worrying about videoing it.
Please be patient in the car park as we anticipate there will be a high volume of traffic on the concert days.
The shows are a highlight of the year and we look forward to seeing all parents attend and support all the children in our school.



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