We have started planting our seeds. A big thanks to Subhan and the group from 3rd class who helped out with that. The seeds are now germinating in a little greenhouse and in a few weeks we can put the seedlings into the school garden. Some boys from 4th class helped to sow the spuds. The potatoes are planted in the school garden. Hopefully we will have a good crop of potatoes this year. The next big job will be to rabbit proof the garden. Although they are nice and cuddly the rabbits are damaging the shrubs and plants that are in our garden so we need to keep them out. All the children in the school will plant a sunflower and in the summer term we should have a lovely sight of sunflowers in the school.

If any parents  want to earn some social credits you can help in the garden. We will be working in the garden on Wednesday 21st of March. Other dates will be announced. If you are free time at another time contact me and I can highlight the list of jobs for the garden.


P.S Keep watching for an afterschools garden club in the summer term.




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