Notice to all parents of

Lucan East Educate Together N.S


This years annual summer fair is fast approaching, and we are as yet to receive the vital support needed to help orgainse this event.

The attendance this year for our meetings has been low to say the least. At present the P.T.A is running on the efforts of our committee members and the same few parents every time.

It is the P.T.A’s responsibility for planning most of the upcoming events such as fund raising, fun days (along with the cleaning up afterwards!) and Book Fairs to name but a few.

We need to bring in new ideas all to help to benefit the school and our children in it, but we need more fresh ideas from new faces to ensure these events continue to happen. Not only do they bring in vital funds for our childrens education and supplies for classrooms e.t.c, but also help to build a stronger relationship between parents, children and the teaching staff, as attempted with our P.T.A social events.

The purpose of such social events as this is to involve the students and their families in the overall school environment. This in turn we hope helps to promote learning by showing the students and parents working together with their teachers to achieve shared goals.

After all, P.T.A stands for Parents and Teacher Association. Without the supports of parents the P.T.A cannot continue, and as parents we play an intergal part in how our school functions.

We cannot begin to stress how important it is to keep our P.T.A. One of our main aims is to be that vital support for all pupils in our school, to help build strong relationships among our teachers and parents. Our school is undergoing a major extension and the amount of pupils/parents attending our schools is growing, but our P.T.A is shrinking and cannot continue without more support and volunteers.

One idea from one person can make all the difference at our meetings, it’s not just about providing food for events or wearing a high-visability jacket in our car park!

To date the P.T.A has raised over €5000.
This has been spent on:
Finger protectors on all doors.
Musical instruments to assist with music classes, including a state of the art electric keyboard.
Maths equipment for the each classroom.
We have also contributed a large sum of money towards the P.A. system for our new hall.

No matter how small the task many hands make light work




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