Camogie Blitz

The girls in Brazil Class went to a Camogie Blitz during May. Here are some accounts of what happened.

Camogie Report
In Camogie we had 2 long matches. We learned how to hit the ball hard. I had fun. We also had crisps and juice. We had 5 races. There were a lot of photos. We had so much fun.
By Cheta.

Camogie Report
I had a great time. My favourite part was kicking the ball while walking and wearing the gear. I really had a great time and did some really good games. Go Camogie!
By Lucy

Camogie Report
We did Hurley in the big field. It was fun. They had lots of games to play we had a great day we had a break on the field. I had a good time. I saw Cheta and Lucy and Divine and Aoife and Lola. It was a good day.
By Dalia.

Camogie Report
We learned how to hold the stick. We learned how to hold the stick. We also played some matches. We also learned how to dribble. We played lots of fun games. We had helmets. We had fluffy things for a chain. In the match we wore wearing bibs. There was fake grass with some fake stones.
By Iffah

Camogie Report
I went to play Camogie and I played lots of games. I had a great fun. And I got a nice treat. Also I did lots of stuff. We had a great time in Camogie. We played a game and we were excellent by someone that we don’t have to come to Camogie.
By Aoife Stoneham