Class Rep’s required by the P.T.A. Do you think you can help?


  • The main role of class reps is to be a link between parents and the PTA, to let parents know about PTA events and to encourage them to become active and involved in whatever ways they can.
  • This is not a hard or time-consuming job and by having class reps. we are far more likely to have a long lasting and successful parents committee.
  • Ideally, we need at least 2 class reps for each class in the school, to share the work between them for that class. If we have 2 reps per class, they only have to speak to a handful of parents each. The more parents that we can get involved the better!

 (The Role of a Class Rep)

  • Make every parent in the class aware you are their class rep and what role you will play.
  • Pass on PTA information, remind parents that we are all members of the PTA as soon as their child joins the school, and that we would love for everyone to get involved in some way whether that be attending meetings, coming to and supporting PTA run events, or helping out.
  • Communicate PTA events to parents in your class, ask for volunteers for helping at events, and communicate back to one of the PTA members organising that event.
  • Let parents know that they don’t have to make a big commitment, or come to every meeting, to be involved in the PTA. Your involvement might include cooking a dish of food for a school event or helping set up events in the school or at home, by volunteering any time they have to spare whether that be 20 minutes or an hour, every little helps!

     (Really, a lot of this is just talking to the parents in the class as you are waiting in the playground about forthcoming PTA events)

  • Hand out PTA letters about events to your assigned class, helping to make sure that each parent knows about upcoming events.
  • Be a point of contact for parents in your class to pass suggestions, feedback, and offers of help back to the PTA.
  • Optionally attend PTA meetings, but if you cannot that is not a problem, we will send you the information that needs to be passed on to parents as and when required.
  • Work out how best to contact your class parents: You can choose how you prefer to contact the parents in your class. For the most part, however you will find that speaking to parents in the morning or at collection time is the most effective method. For working parents, perhaps getting a list of parents email addresses to keep them in the loop and let them know that they can get involved too works well.

If you would like to be the parent class rep for one of the classes please email

This invite is open to every parent in the school and we would love if you could help us out. Last year the parent reps worked out really well.

Thanks a million,

Linda and the PTA commitee






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