Art & Materials Contribution

Please note that no funding or assistance was received from the Department of Education and Science during the school year for any of the areas listed below. Because of this, the contribution received from parents is extremely important in enabling us to properly resource our school and maintain the high quality and standard of your child’s education.

Your 70€ contribution will be allocated to the following areas;

Physical Education/ Sport 8€
This will be used towards the purchasing and replacing of P.E. equipment such as basketballs, footballs, cones, bibs etc for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Art 20€
This will be used to purchase and replace art materials including paper, paints, pastes etc

Maths 4€
This will be allocated towards the purchasing of new maths manipulative materials.

School Equipment 8€
This will be used to purchase, repair and upgrade school equipment such as cd players, tv and dvd players, videos etc

Educate Together 7€
This will be used to pay the annual subscription to Educate Together.

Music 8€
This will be allocated towards the purchase of tapes, cds, music reference material and instruments.

General Maintenance 15€
This will be allocated towards the general maintenance and upkeep of the school indoors and outdoors.

Any parent in receipt of social welfare payments may be entitled to the ‘back to school allowance’ payment. This allowance will cover the cost of purchasing books, materials and clothing for school. To apply for this allowance, please contact the Community Welfare Officer at Lucan Health Centre, 1A Sarsfield Park, Lucan Village (016281395).


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