IT’S AUSTRALIA class here with the latest news.

On Monday we were learning a song in Irish called Wake Me Up if you want to search it up it is sang by Avichi.

Tuesday we did football for PE on the astro turf, it was so cool. Gabriel scored a brilliant goal at the end of the astro, we also did handball in hall it was ama-zing!!!!!!!

Wednesday we made our renewable energy resources mini projects. I, Jordan did geothermal energy with Uzair, Meer and Daniel.

On Thursday it was a very sad day because Julie was leaving Ireland to go back to Denmark. We all miss her so we gave her a present and wished her best of luck when she gets her very own class. There was also a doodle for google competition that we are entering. It is cool!

On Friday we did a drawing/song/poem poster for the new garda mascot but we dont know its name yet but soon we will.To end this Friday there is Halloween disco are you COMING…??

by Jordan and Eoghan


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