Board of management News

The Board of management of the school had our monthly meeting last Tuesday.

Currently the board is preparing our enrolment policy for our special class for children with Autism. The substance misuse and chronic illnesses policies were reviewed and ratified.

The board would like to sincerely thank all parents who have set up standing orders to the school or have contributed through brown envelopes. All contributions are voluntary and no staff will know how much parents have contributed. The entire process is handled by the treasurer of the board and the school secretary. The school simply would not be able to run without these contributions and many of the facilities we offer like interactive whiteboards and other ICT equipment and maintenance would  never come to fruition. The board will report to parents in May on the spending of the voluntary contribution money to illustrate that it has been put to good use.

We are also looking at ways to cut costs in terms of insurance and renting out our school building.

The Board will meet again in December.