Brown Envelope & Clothes Collection

A big thank you to all those families who sent back brown envelopes and standing orders. Over 50 families contributed and it is very much appreciated by all the children and staff in Lucan East ETNS.

Also, a big thank you to those parents who left back the bags of  clothes and textiles. Liberties Recycling is a registered charity initially set up under the Merchants Quay project. It is a drug rehabilitation project that provides practical work experience, training and support services to those affected by drugs. Their main activity is the recycling of used textiles and they provide employment to nearly sixty people locally in collecting, sorting, grading and bailing clothing. The project aims to progress people into mainstream employment drug free. The biggest challenge facing the project at the moment is securing enough material to keep their trainees gainfully employed.

For each bag filled the school will get 3€ so it is a very good opportunity for the school to raise more necessary funds while helping a very worthwhile charity. Bags should be returned to the school by Monday 14th November.