This week in China class we’ve been learning about all sorts of things. We started the week studying Newgrange, did you know the structure is over 5,000 years old!

Later in the week David taught us about his native county Kerry and we had a  visit from Robbie who talked to us about how to ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ in sport. We completed an environmental crossword for  national tree day, we used our interactive whiteboard to save paper!

We were learning about bridges in Science and some of our class built these tower, we think we might have some future engineers and architects in our midst!

We hope to go to the park near our school next week to study some of the trees there. We also learned how to play a card game called ‘Beggar your Neighbour’. It took a while to figure out but it’s great fun!


See if you can figure out how we made these amazing images, what can you see?





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