China class recently took part in an anti-litter drama workshop, which was organised by South Dublin County Council. We had great fun with Margaret learning about the importance of keeping our area clean.

Since then we had to imagine that we were part of the ‘South Dublin County Clean Kids Army’. As part of this army we had to design an anti-litter flag. We then had to make the class flag frem recycled green bin materials.

We decided on a tree as a symbol of Lucan and the parks in the locality. We made the tree using old paper bags that we had since September from when we got our school books. We glued some old plastic bottles underneath the tree as a symbol of littler. However, we included the recycle symbol by cutting out three green arrows. We agreed upon a slogan for our flag, which reads ‘Don’t litter and the world will glitter’. We made the slogan using old foil from our lunches.  Take a look at the pictures below to see our class flag. We hope you like it.


 Ireland since the 1950s

We have been learning about Ireland in the 1950s and what school life was like back then. Classrooms were very different with much bigger class sizes and they didn’t have table groups like we had. We changed our tables around to make our classroom feel more like a classroom of the fifties. See the pictures black and white pictures above and compare them to our colour photographs.





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