Thank you to those parents who indicated they would like to receive school lunch packs. 

These lunch packs will be delivered to people’s homes and we would encourage you to take up the offer of these packs. They seem to me to be very practical and useful and might limit the times that you have to leave your home to shop yourselves. It will also help to support the company Carambola, our school meal provider, who facilitated this home delivery service at our request.  

If you opt in for the service, a separate pack for each child who attends Lucan East ETNS will be delivered to your home by a specialist courier company, DPD, every 20 school days (until this crisis is over).  All health and safety protocols will be adhered to.

Carambola’s Provisions Pack will contain twenty days’ worth of cupboard staples. There will be a separate pack for each child attending the school.


  • Box cereal (Corn flakes/Rice Krispies/Weetabix)
  • Fruit Juice


  • Pasta (500g)
  • Pasta sauces in pouch form
  • Tin baked beans
  • Tin spaghetti shapes
  • Flavoured noodles (add water)
  • Packet soup
  • Pitta Breads


  • Tin fruit pear/peach/other
  • Packet of Cream crackers
  • Packet of digestives
  • Mix of Carambola snacks: Flahavan’s Oaty Bars, Corn snack, Breadsticks, Popcorn.

*note: Actual product may vary based on supply chain challenges, but volumes and types will be maintained.

How long is the pack designed to last?
Carambola’s Provisions Pack will be a 20-day (4 week) pack. The initial pack will contain twenty days’ worth of cupboard staples (no refrigeration required)

What do you need to do now

If you wish to avail of this service, please sign up using the Google form attached before today at 5 pm.  Please email and she will give you further information. By opting in you agree that Carambola and DPD (the courier company) has access to your child(ren’s) name and address and a phone number for you, the parent. 

The child will receive a ‘parcel in the post’ – should be exciting! Where there are multiple Lucan East ETNS children in the same home, each gets a box.

So sign up and await your parcels early next week!

Keep well, keep safe, don’t forget about RTE 2 school from 11 to 12 each morning and talk soon




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