This week in Egypt class we learned about  muscles in the human body in science like the tricep and the bicep.

We  also learned about dolphins in the Amazon  river. It was very interesting  to learn about  them and we did a project on it. We had to research them on the  laptops.

It was lots of fun.  When we were doing the project some people went to Cross country.

We had a great week  in Egypt class.

by Lauren and JP


23rd November

This week in Egypt class we learned things that look hard but  are easy and also we learned lots of new tricks for maths.

Some people think that  grid 1 was easy and some people thought that the grid 2 was easy.

In Irish we had fun playing the shop and we learned a new word.

Eva is our coach for Olympic handball. It was our second last week for training.

We had lots of fun playing with her. Some people did drama and people made cards. Other people made a feelings thermometer.

We had lots of fun this week in Egypt class.


11th November

This week in Egypt class we had fun dancing with a dance teacher. Everyone had great fun. We also had fun in P.E .We got into small groups of fours and created a dance to match a song. We also had fun in Irish. We got a small amount of money. (NOT REAL MONEY).Orlagh brought clothes from home and gave them to us. We sold them and we bought them just like real shop keepers and customers it was great fun. In maths we played a wizard game. We had to guess the sum, we had a great week in Egypt class.

BY:       Hajar and Hamzah








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