As we draw nearer to the end of the year. There are lots of annual events taking place like the sports day, fun day, the arrival of reports and the giving out of next years school books. I am so proud of the atmosphere that you see in every part of the school. There is great positivity amongst our parents, children, teachers and other members of our school community.
Our building is going full steam ahead and they will be joining the old and new building together on the first day of the holidays. The builders have been working extremely hard and we are hopeful that we will have pocession of the new building by August 23rd.
Next year the school grounds will be open to the children from 8.25 every morning and the children from first class onwards will be able to line up in the junior yard. This will hopefully alleviate the traffic and we do this on a trial basis for the first term.
Have a nice weekend everybody and see you all at the fun day,
Eddie (principal)



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