It is a very busy time of year in any school and ours is no exception. Next Tuesday is sports day and it will be fun for all the family.
Please ensure that you return your child’s book money before the end of term. Included in the bill is a seventy euro art and materials charge. This is for books and materials like readers, dictionaries, homework journals, photocopying, art and other expenses that occur over the year. We have really tried to keep the cost of books to a minimum and all classes have cheaper book bills than last year.
Well done to all our budding athletes who competed in the Santry sports this week. There will be a report to follow.
As you can see the building work is progressing at a great pace and we should be able to start using the extention in September. We are so lucky in these current times to be getting out new building.
have a great weekend and hopefully there will be some sunshine to enjoy,



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