Driver theory classes:

There will be one more class held in Esker on Monday
week, 14th May at 11.30am in the parents’ room. Parents from either
school are welcome to attend.  The first
set of classes will then be finished in both schools but may be set up again in
the new school year if there is sufficient demand.


Art and Craft classes:

These classes will continue until the end of this term on
Mondays also in the Esker building.  They
run from 10.30 until 12.30 in the morning and are free of charge. There are
some spaces available so if you are interested please join up.


Second-level places:

It is never too early to be aware of where you would like
to send your child to second-level school.
For those of you with older children in the school, you might give this
some thought and enquire from local schools what are their enrolment criteria
and how parents can go about the enrolment process. A list of schools in the
area is available on the Department of Education website.  If you would like more help or information,
contact Tom at 086 0261061.



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