Mr Tizzy Tops Carnival took place April 20th at the Big Pictire Tallaght.

Both Greece and France qualified with their respective Carnival games, “BLAST OFF” and ” NATIVE AMERICA CRAZY GOLF”

Christvie and Subhan represented France Class and Sarah, Grace and Nickolas presented Greece’s game. What a super job they did!

They presented the projects to the Mayor of South Dublin, Mayor Warfield. He was so impressed with the games and gave them great praise for all the hard work. Well done to all the boys and girls that took part and the teachers for all the hard work. Both games received a plaque for their class and also supplies for the class. The highlight of the day was the”goodie”bags we received at the end of the day!! Huge Thanks must go to Grace and Lucy’s Mam Margaret for tall the hard work on what was a brilliant day. Well done everyone!

Pre-Carnival Nerves

Pre-Carnival Nerves

Blast Off

Maror Warfield found the Crazy Golf Difficult

Mayor Warfield found the Crazy Golf Difficult



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