New Second-level School for Dublin South City Area to open 2018. The Department of Education and Skills have announced that it will open a new non-fee paying second-level school in the Dublin South City area in September 2018. This is a hugely significant development for the many parents who are looking for more choice in the type of second-level schools available in our community. The location of the school, which will be a new building, will be in the Dublin South City area (serving Dublin 2, 4, 6 and 8) and is scheduled to open in September 2018.

Educate Together have confirmed that it will apply to be the Patron of this new second-level school. An Educate Together second-level school will be:





The Department of Education will invite Patron Bodies to apply to be Patron of this new school over the next few months. The awarding of the Patron of the new second-level school will be decided by the number of Expressions of Interest completed by parents. If you are interested in this new school for the local community please complete an Expression of Interest online as soon as possible and ask friends and family who are interested in an Educate Together second-level school to do so as well!

By September 2016 Educate Together will have opened seven second-level schools around the country, all of which are co-educational, multi-denominational and non-fee paying. Check out the Educate Together website for more information on the Educate Together Blueprint for Second-level schools – https://

The Campaign group for an Educate Together Second-level school in Dublin South city will be holding a public meeting in early May. Join our Facebook page for further updates.

If you are interested, please complete an Expression of Interest form now!



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