During February Norway class has been making pictographs in Maths and writing stories in History! Making a pictograph is really easy! First we picked a question like what is your favourite animal? Secondly we drew a small picture of our favourite animal and lastly we used some blue tac to stick it to the whiteboard. Have a look and see what results we got!








We also read the story of ‘Fionn and the Giant’ in History class. We really enjoyed this story a lot so we decided to make a huge storyboard of it. First we got into four groups and took notes on different parts of the story. Then we made sentences with our notes to re-tell the story again. Lastly we wrote out these sentences so we could use them in our storyboard. Some children painted pictures Linda Jane drew of the story and others coloured and cut out large letters for the title. Take a peek at how we got on!




































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