Notice Regarding Communion and Confirmation Catholic Religion Classes


Classes will start again for this term on the 10th of October from 3:30pm to 4:15pm each Wednesday within the school.  These classes are last up to 6th class , children start from Senior Infants , it is important to register your child if you wish them to make their communion and confirmation.

There is a two year preparation involved in the children making their communion and again for confirmation. If you don’t register your child from senior infants as there is a 2 year preparation by order of divine mercy parish your child will not be able to make their communion in 2nd class, they will have to wait until 3rd class when they have completed their 2 year preparation. (this would apply to last years seniors infants who did not register last year)


We will have a print off of dates classes will be held for the year, once children start back.

If you have any further quires please contact myself or Amy

Kind Regards

Natalie Sayed

Regilion classes Chairperson


Natalie ph: (0870664450)

Amy ph: (0876178817)



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