The following children will be carrying a flag during the opening ceremony on Monday 27th May at 9a.m.

Libya – Abdulah(Norway) and Sarah(India)

Algeria – Abdollah(Sweden) and Abdelrahman(Norway)

Morocco – Achrafe(China) and Maissam(Canada)

Pakistan – Huria(Egypt) and Rameen(Mexico)

India – Sarthak(Brazil) and Samyra(Mexico)

South Africa – Aliyah(Egypt) and Liliana(Canada)

Nigeria – Victoria(Egypt) and Sonice(Austria)

Latvia – Nika(Denmark) and Liana(Egypt)

Russia – Sasha(Denmark) and Diana(France)

Ireland – Adam(China) and Julia(Sweden)

France – Anna(Romania) and Luca(India)

Britain – Sam(Spain) and Lia(India)

Lithuania – Milana(Brazil) and Rokas(France)

Poland – Nina(Spain) and Viktoria(Norway)

Romania – Salomaea(Romania) and Marta(Canada)

Malaysia – Nu-aim(Norway) and Zulfah(France)

(This is a work in progress so if we haven’t included flags we will try our best for next year!!)



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