(Three transition year students from Adamstown Community College talk about their work experience in our school)

It was a great experience in this school. We really enjoyed it a lot. All the teachers and kids were really nice to us. Teachers helped us a lot. We had a really good experience, organising the library was hard work but we made it. The principal  was really nice he helped us in everything, he was a great instructor and he gave us an opportunity to prove ourselves and made us feel like that we can do something. He gave us a chance work in such a nice school.

It was really nice to work together with people in this school. One of the teachers  Linda helped us a lot too she gave us so much work but it was a good experience and she was really sweet to us and because of her  we got to learn so many things like laminating, cutting in order ,photocopying, and all that.

The other thing we liked about it was the yard part that we had go out to help and play with children. Children were really sweet to us and we liked it.

All over the experience was really nice and great and we really had fun and enjoyed it a lot. After doing all this it made us  good organisers  and good time keepers. It made us made feel like that we could do something or we could be a librarian in future. Finally, we would like to thank all the teachers, kids and the Principal for being really nice and helpful to us. We are really thankful to the school for  this work experience and this opportunity.



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