We have been celebrating Friendship Week in Australia Class this week. To remember our friends we wrote acrostic poems about them. First we brainstormed words and phrases that best describes a good friend. Then we arranged them in a poem so that you can spell the word friends down the left hand side of the poem. Here are some examples. We hope you enjoy them.

Fair and friendly

Really good singer

I like her

Everyday I play with her

Never says a bad word to me

Does kind things for me

Shares her toys with me

By Cristina

Fair and friendly

Remembers my birthday

Includes others

Every day we play

Never cheats

Does kind things for me

Shares with me

By Markas

Fun and nice

Really nice to me

I have a good friend

Every day we go fishing

No rough play

Does kind stuff

Shares his DS!

By John Carlos



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