We have been working hard in Romania Class.We have been looking at Australia for the past few weeks and learned a lot of things about Aboriginal People and what they do and how they survive.We also got to do art based on the Aboriginal Culture. That art was called dot art and it was really fun to do. It also took a lot of time and concentration but they turned out beautiful. After that we learned about The Great Barrier Reef and all of the things that affect it. Did you know that when the temperature rises it kills the algae and makes the coral lose its colour? It is really interesting and sad at the same time since the beautiful place is falling apart because of coral bleaching.We are also focusing on our reports.We learned a lot of new things while writing them because we got to do some research on the chromebooks and we got some interesting facts from books that we read.

Loveth- My report was about birds and how they live.

Dea – My report was about gorillas and their habitat.

In maths we have been working hard on length and 3D shapes.It was really fun learning about their properties.In art this week we have been making and designing our personality swirls.That is where we write our favourite things about our personalities. Since the start of the year we have been talking about our learning goals for the year.

Loveth – one of my learning goals was to get better at fractions in maths. Dea – one of my goals was to get better in my handwriting.

On Saturday the 28th of January is The Chinese New Year! It is the year of the fire rooster.

Happy New Year to everyone !!


By: Dea and Loveth 🙂


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