Books and materials for next year can be purchased directly from the school. This cost covers all books, book rental schemes, copy books, art materials and photocopying as well as a contribution towards the Educate Together membership subscription.

The cost of each class is as follows: (detailed list is in the office on request)

Junior infants               €122

Senior Infants               €125                                        

1st class                      €122                                                              
2nd class                     €120                                      
3rd class                      €110                                      
4th class                      €110                                      

5th class                      €110

6th class                      €106

 The third and subsequent children do not have to pay the €80 resource contribution which is included in the cost. (for example. Child 1(jnr) €122.00, Child 2 (1st) €122.00 Child 3 (4th) €30.00)


Books will be available to purchase using the online payment system and will be handed out to your child before the end of term. We would appreciate it if all parents could pay using this system if possible.


For those parents in the PTA book savings club, the final payment will be taken by the PTA on Mon 11th June.


If you have any issues regarding payment, please do not hesitate to contact the office.





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