School Lunches – Message from Carambola re Halal Certification

Dear Lucan East ETNS

Carambola Kidz is committed to bringing the best quality product and service to all its clients and we are delighted to welcome your school to the Carambola Community. We would at this point like to clarify any misconceptions there may be around Halal items on our menu.

Currently the only product we have Halal Certification for is our Halal Chicken Breast pieces.

Having checked our ingredients, we are aware the following items are deemed not suitable for those on a Halal diet:

  • ham
  • turkey

All other items are at the discretion of the person choosing them as to whether suitable or not for those adhering to the Halal diet.

Please check our website for a full list of all ingredients.

Kindest regards


Rachel Mescall Fitzpatrick

Nutrional Advisor