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Here is some of our School News in Lucan East. To see more of what our students are doing every day please check www.twitter.com/lucaneastet

Funding Appeal

Lucan East offers a mentoring counselling service to children attending our school.  Since it began 10 years ago, we have only been able to offer this service on a fortnightly basis due to a lack of funding.

We feel that this service would be more beneficial if it was weekly, especially during these strange times. In order to do this, we need funding.  If any of our parents/guardians work for a company or employer that would be in a position to donate to this cause we would greatly appreciate it.  

We would like to thank Opel Ireland for their generous contribution to this appeal. Despite their great generosity we still need more.

Please email principal@lucaneastet.ie if you think you might have a contact who can help.

School Mentor

We would like to formally welcome Dorothy Ingram, our new school mentor, to Lucan East ETNS. Dorothy has worked for over 12 years with children in Community Support Services and Secondary Schools and is bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to our school. She spoke with our PTA last week about looking after our children’s mental health in these times and her advice was much appreicated by everyone in attendance. If we could avail of Dorothy’s service on a weekly basis we could reach more children and make a bigger difference to our students lives.


Our PTA have been extremely busy over the last month. They held the PTA AGM on Friday 27th November where the officers were elected. We will be in touch once the roles have been formally decided.

The PTA have been working hard tidying our school garden so that the children can plant and really enjoy the space and organising the Winter Raffle. A big THANK YOU to everyone who bought tickets. It’s great to have such great support from our parent body in difficult times.

Lobby Makeover

With the new Covid restrictions none of our parent body have had an opportunty to see our new beautiful paint work in the school lobby. Seán, our new caretaker, and Sinéad, our HSCL teacher have been combining their DIY and interior design skills and have created a bright and welcoming school hall for our students. Here is a picture of what it looks like now:

Covid Reminders:

Here’s a few reminders which parents can do to help us in making our school as safe as possible. Please …

  1. …wear a facemask when on the school grounds (inside the black gates)
  2. …keep your child at home if they have a symptom of Covid
  3. …keep your child at home if a member of the household has had or is due to have a covid test and is awaiting results.

That’s all the news from us for now.

Stay safe and enjoy your weekends everyone!

Warmest Regards,




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