China Class called Joanne Cuddihy on Skype this week. This allowed us to see Joanne eventhough she was thousands of miles away. Joanne is an Irish athlete who is currently training in Australia. We prepared a number of questions for Joanne before we called her. These included questions about her running and we also asked her to give us some tips for our own cross country running. We’d like to thank Joanne for taking time out from her busy schedule to answer our questions and we wish her the very best with her training and the run up to the Olympic games. Thank you to Fatini for putting the following blog together:

Joanne trains 6 days a week for 2 to 3 hours a day. Her favourite race is the Relay. Joanne’s first race was in Primary school when she was 8 years old. She told us that then you win a medal you go to the podium and shake hands. When she goes to the Olympics Joanne is hoping to do the 400m race and the 4x400m relay race. Joanne told us that you can try to be at the front when the race starts or to stay back a little and then pass people out.

The following day we ran in the cross country races in Griffeen Valley park. The tips that Joanne had given us about the start of the race really helped.



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