Egypt class were displaying their musical talents this week and we were all incredibly impressed! We looked at pieces of Islamic and Celtic art and created a piece of music inspired by each work. We used symbols representing our instruments  to write a score so that we would remember the wonderful compositions.

Sometimes in Egypt class students become the teachers, this week during Am Gaeilge, Elisha was teaching us about some healthy food and David was showing us how to round numbers to the nearest thousand. 

For the past two weeks we’ve been learning lots about space and our solar system. We are making models of the planets in art and have been learning all sorts of scientific facts about the sun, mars and all the other planets.  During our drama lesson, we listened to a clip from Orson Welles’ radio play ‘The War of the Worlds’. This play was broadcast in 1938 and some people didn’t realise it was a radio drama and thought that Martians were actually invading the earth. We tried to recreate their reactions using freeze frames in drama.









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