This week in Egypt class,

Insects, rounding in maths, marbles for golden time and we’ve had our first week of ….5th class.

On Tuesday we had an appetite for insects. We went to the school garden and captured insects!

We caught spiders, worms and beetles. The day before that we learned about arthropods, molluscs and annelids. Which are the insects we caught.

Next in Egypt class, can it be, in maths we were solving problems with units, tens, hundreds, thousands and ten thousands and we were learning rounding also.

So you know usually you earn your golden time by good behaviour,  in our class we earn it still by good behaviour but with marbles. When we behave well and when we work to the best that we can, we get a marble. Each marble is worth one minute.

That’s all from the news in Egypt class. Have a good day.

From Andrei and Brandon



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