Time banking credits are now available from the PTA. One hour of volunteering gets one credit. The following volunteering activities can be counted for time credits.

  1. summer fayre
  2. Book covering  (covering the school rental books and readers)
  3. Helping with reading in class
  4. Winter fayre
  5. spring clean
  6. garden and landscape
  7. mural
The credits can be spent in the following ways:
  • One credit gives one hour free for extra curricular activities
  • four credits gives a pass for playzone
  • Next year we hope to have a cinema club where you can spend your credits

Time banking is there to encourage more volunteers in the school. It also helps the school to avail of services that it might otherwise have to pay for. Many thanks to Sinéad (Callum’s mun India class) for keeping the time banking records.



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