The Department of Education does not provide us with enough money to run the school.

Out of the total funding this school receives from the Department, the school has to meet all the operating costs of   e.g.  wages for ancillary staff, heat, light, security, equipment, extra classes etc.   However, as the school expands and more children enrol, there is a greater demand on the limited resources we can draw from.   As with most other schools, we depend on fundraising and contributions from parents to cover operational costs.

The school has invested heavily in ICT (computer) infrastructure and all our equipment needs to be maintained. We get no money for this from the department.

Our PTA have worked very hard to raise funds for the school.


At a time when educational costs are rising faster than state funding and the money we receive from the government has been cut in the last two years, we have to raise money in many different ways. Approaching our parents for donations is one such way.    We are very grateful to the parents who already quietly support the school so generously.

However we would like to ask parents who have not yet made a contribution to the school to consider doing so now.  It’s hard for busy working parents to attend meetings or participate in fund raising events….. so……… one of the most ‘painless’ ways would be to consider setting up a standing order, whereby  an amount (that you decide) is deducted from your bank account at regular intervals.  These standing order forms were sent to every family in the school yesterday.

Alternatively, if you feel that you cannot be part of that scheme at the moment, perhaps you would consider a once off donation to help the school and so invest in your child’s future. You can return a donation in the brown envelope provided.


All contributions are treated as strictly confidential. Teachers and other parents are never informed of what you give.


We can assure you that your contributions will make a difference to the education Lucan East ETNS provides for your child. Any amount you contribute will enrich your children’s education with extra resources and opportunities


Your support is vital so that we can continue to run the school.


Many thanks,






  • Individual      donations of €250 or a series of donations totaling €250, in any one tax      year will qualify for tax relief in the following way:
    For PAYE / PRSI donors: the School can reclaim the paid tax from the      Revenue. If the donor is at the standard rate of tax:
    A €250 donation is worth €312.50 to the School because the School can      reclaim €62.50 from Revenue.
  •  If the donor’s      marginal rate of tax is the higher rate then the value to the School is      €431.03 (donation €250 plus reclaim €181.03).
  •  It doesn’t cost you anymore than your      original donation.
  • Donations can be in      single or multiple amounts as long as the total in a year is €250 or more.
  • For Self-Assessed taxpayers and companies: the donor can      treat the donation as a tax deductible expense when calculating their tax      bill. There is no reclaim for the School in this case.
    A receipt from the School is sufficient support to treat the donation as a      tax deductible expenses




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