W.O.W. Blogs

Walk on Wednesday is something we do on a Wednesday. If you
do walk on a Wednesday you get prizes. The short name for Walk on Wednesday is
W.O.W. We walk on Wednesday to help the environment, because lots of smoke
comes out of cars and it’s bad for everyone. When we WOW lots of people wear
yellow jackets so people can see you.

Ralph – 3rd class


On Tuesday I was so excited to walk to school. Then today me  and my family were getting ready for W.O.W. When we were ready my Dad parked at  Centra. Then I walked to school with my sisters. There were two people giving prizes.  I got an apple, a bottle of water and a wrist band. I had fun chatting with my  friends. Every Wednesday I walk home from school and walk to school.

Emanuelle – 3rd class


Everyone can walk on Wednesday. It is healthy to walk for
everybody. And it is great for the environment. You get cool prizes if you walk
on Wednesdays. You can cycle to school and walk aswell. W.O.W. stands for Walk
on Wednesday.

Ayo – 3rd class


Walk on Wednesday is to just walk because we have to walk so
we can use less cars. We got yellow vests and a pencil that says W.O.W. WOW
stands for Walk on Wednesday. We have to help the environment. We got bags,
rulers, apples and water. Today we have to walk because it’s Wednesday. I
walked with my friends. Today I saw lots of people walking to school. Walking
to school is fun.

Rahela – 3rd class


It was a Wednesday morning and I was getting ready for
school and suddenly I remembered it was Walk on Wednesdays. So then I was
rushing through all my work and I finally got in time for school. When I
reached the green gates in front of the school…the prizes were a bag with
stuff inside. A water bottle and an apple or a banana. When I was lining up
everybody got excited. So that’s my story.

Fatini – 3rd class