Well done to all classes who have been walking, cycling and parking and striding to school. This week we counted how many people came to school in this way. 177 children did not use the car. The results are as follows:

France class – 23

Spain class – 24

Brazil class – 15

Norway class 14

china class –  18

Egypt  class – 23

Canada class – 16

Australia class – 18

Denmark class – 11

Romania class – 22

Based on the number of children in each class Egypt class won the prize of best walkers/cyclists/parkers and striders to school. This initiative has made a huge difference to traffic in our area. I would also like to remind everybody that the car park in the morning needs to be kept for the parents of junior and senior infants and that the back yard is supervised from 8.25am every morning for the other classes in order to ease traffic congestion. Well done to all our families for such great work on this,





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