One day Australia class had an adventure to Croke Park. On the bus Shauna, Carly, Nelly, and Aziza sang all the way to Croke Park. When we arrived we all got introduced to JJ and Cian and watched a video on what Croke Park prepares for when a match is going to happen. Next, Australia and France class split up, we went to the tunnel from which buses and vans came through. When we were there we had to stay behind the yellow line. Then we read all the signs in the tunnel.

Afterwards, we went to the dressing rooms and the team GAA jerseys were hanging all around us. In the dressing room we watched a clip of Jack McCaffery [GAA player] telling us that in a match you have to have fun. Then we went to the training room, and Cian made us do push-ups and train like the players do when their preparing for a match! We lined up to go through the tunnel onto the pitch. When we went on the sidelines of the pitch the workers were cutting the grass so we didn’t go on the pitch. We got told that it takes 6hrs every day to cut!

We went to the highest seats on the stand. We answered questions and we saw Hill 16, Hogan Stand, Cusack Stand and Davin End. We had a good view of the pitch and we could still see the men cutting the grass. When we were going back down it was so scary!

Afterwards, we went outside and saw a statue. When we went inside we played interatcive GAA games and Carly and Brandon had a high score and no one could beat it! Then we kicked a ball into holes and we hit a slioter with a hurl into a circle.  Next, we had our lunch, we brought loads of sweets. On the way to Phoenix Park we sang songs it was so fun. Then we got to Phoenix Park. We had frizz bees, skipping ropes and more. Loads of people played chasing or football and climbed on the big rock. Then we had to go back on the bus and everyone fell asleep.

Finally, we got our bags and went home. It was awesome to go thank you Caroline! By Carly


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