Here in Chile Class, we have just finished an exciting first term. We completed our winter play ‘Arabian Nights’ which we worked so hard on, but enjoyed practicing and performing. We have been hurling with Johnny for the last 8 weeks on Thursdays, while we went swimming every Tuesday, and we all agree that it was lots of fun! At the moment we are looking at birds, birds and more birds, in fact we have gone BIRD CRAZY! Check out our next update to see all the different birds and facts we have looked at! 🙂


2014-11-27 10.26.35


Hurling with Johnny.


2014-11-12 13.06.50


Tabatha meeting the Bearded Dragon from Maxi Zoo

2014-11-12 13.05.47


Max with the dragon.

2014-11-12 13.05.08


Redas petting it.

2014-11-27 10.26.27


More hurling.




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