We are excited that Maths for Fun has started in Peru Class. The parents worked really hard learning lots of maths games using cards, dice, counters and board games. Every Wednesday our parent volunteers play different maths games with groups of children in the class. Yesterday the children had so much fun and are looking forward to next week already. Playing maths games with your child is a great way to practice what they have learned in school and to have fun with them. Here are some simple ideas for card and dice games:

  1. Block out 12: Everybody gets a crayon. Two dice. Roll dice, add numbers together and colour in number. The person to block out 12 first is the winner. Option to roll one or two dice
  2. Highest Wins: 4/5 dice. Everybody gets 3 rolls, and play at the same time. Encourage the children to match pairs and order dice in order of highest to lowest. This helps them with addition.
  3. 4 Is Not My Friend: 1 dice. Pick a number to reach to e.g. 30. Everybody takes a turn to roll dice and add the numbers as they appear. If someone rolls a 4 then the team goes back to 0.
  4. Subtraction race: 2 dice per team. Two teams. Roll dice, add them together. Then take the smallest number from the biggest number. Quickest answer wins.
  5. 10s Card Game: Take out royals and jokers. Turn the cards upside-down and layout in a patter. Take turns. Pick a card, then pick another, if it makes 10 then they get another turn. If no they lay them out again. This is a memory and addition game.
  6. Go Fish: This is a matching game. Taking turns turn over cards to match
  7. Addition: Pick a number to add to. Divide out the cards between children. Pick 30. They children add up the cards and if you get to 30 they win the cards. If you land on a royal you take away one.



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