This week in assembly we are looking at ethics and how philosophers have tried to answer the big questions of life down the centuries. The idea of examining our actions and how they form our values is something we look into as part of our ethical education programme which we call “The learn Together Programme”.

It is with these values of respect and empathy in mind that I would like to ask all parents to be respectful of each other while on school grounds. We understand that all our lives are busy but sometimes we just need to wait and make the decision that “I am going to take the interests of the school community before my own” particularly in terms of traffic. We are so lucky to have the most wonderful children in the world come through our doors every day. We need to be mindful that we are role models to them. I would like to say that no behaviour that is not appropriate to a child’s environment will be tolerated in the school. We expect that all parents follow the instructions of school personnel and  volunteers when parking who always act in everyone’s safety. The traffic plan is posted around the school and at the entrance to the ball courts. Most of the time there is a really happy and respectful atmosphere at home time which reflects the values I spoke about earlier. We just need to know that there will be days that are going to be busy and to reiterate that there are options like park and stride etc that would be a lot less stressful on for you and your family on these days. Teachers are very understanding and won’t mind if you are a few minutes late on these days. Every day the school is cleared by 2.30pm which isn’t very long in the grand scheme of things. The system of parking for the amount of traffic we have works really well. Lets remember that.

I had a great time working with Margaret Callan Bergin and 6th class as they work on their project which will mark eight years of the school being open and the first full cycle of students through our doors. If you have any memories or photos of the early years of the school Margaret would love to hear from you. There is a post about the project on this website.

It was lovely to meet all the parents over the parent teacher meeting days. What really struck me were the shared high expectations we all have for the children as a school community. The turnout was fantastic and I would like to thank all the teachers for the effort and dedication they put into preparing for the meetings. The Junior Infants and 4th class Australia will have their meetings in the new year. Our outreach classes for autism have being working really hard this term and I always love getting to go down to our outreach area. All our outreach families are an integral part of our school community and I want to congratulate Niamh,Carol, Anita, Lucy Tracey and Siobhán for their empathy, high expectations and infinite skills.

Our first round of offers for new Junior infants go out today. Our new common enrolment policy will then kick in once all children who were already on the list under the old system have been catered for.


Many thanks as always for your continued support,

Beir bua,





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