6th class (Spain & Romania) went to Co. Cavan for their school tour. We went to the WW1 museum. It was around a one and a half hour drive but it was fun. When we arrived we went to a room where the presenter explained more about WW1. After we went to look at the British army uniform and some artifacts but the ones we handled were replicas. Then we had a bite to eat and we went outside for some fresh air.

When we went outside they led us to the trenches and they were so realistic. Imagine the conditions during the war with mud and rats running around.  They included a lot of things inside the trenches like a  periscope, a medical station, lewis gun and a sniper shield. After we finished the 400m long trench tour we went to the GPO which had 3 rooms…a photography room,a kitchen and a shop. Finally we went to the peace garden and finished our lunch .Then we went back to the bus and had a great ride home.We really enjoyed it .

By:Hadeel & Alina



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