6th class (Spain & Romania) went to Co. Cavan for their school tour. We went to […]
Aileen from the Down Syndrome Centre (www.downsyndromecentre.ie) spoke to 5th and 6th class yesterday about down […]
    Last Friday, we had a school sing-along, where all the parents arrived to see […]
   School Sing-along   As we walked into the hall all in could hear were parents chatting […]
          Thanks to the children who participated in the Summer Fest Colouring […]
Parental Involvement is when we get parents involved in our school activities. Last Friday and this […]
St. Joseph’s College Lucan are having an Open Night this Thursday 7th April from 7 – […]
Spain class were working hard this week. We have been learning all about 1916 and we […]
The last fortnight was very busy. On Monday we went to a handball tournament, it was […]
Today Romania and Spain class went to peace proms practice. Margaret,Colm and Simon came with us. […]
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