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We are a group of students who attend English class in Lucan East NS.

  We started class in October 2013.

  We come from many different countries such as Poland, Kurdistan of Iraq, Slovakia, Lithuania, China, Morocco, Belarus, Syria, Turkey and Pakistan.

   In the beginning we didn’t know a lot of English but week by week we are getting better and now we have a lot more  confidence speaking and understanding English.

   This helps us with everyday life in many ways e.g. shopping, getting about, parent teacher meetings etc. which is very  important.

We also enjoy the class because we have an opportunity to learn about many different cultures. Sometimes we have social mornings where we all bring food and music from our countries to share with the other students.

This is a great way to use our English and a great opportunity to make new friends from around the world.  We share our live stories in the classes and have fun and support each other in our new lives in Ireland.

Thanks to Tom and Eddie for providing the classes and to Carol our teacher, we hope to see you all next term and to have many new students for autumn 2014.



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