2nd Class Go to Tayto Park!

On Thursday,we went on our school tour to Tayto Park! Both Australia class and France Class went. We were so excited to see the different animals, take part in all the fun activities and get a tour of the Tayto factory to see how they make their famous crisps! At the end, we couldn’t decide what our favourite part was because there were so many exciting events! Have a look at our photos!

High Jumps by Tariq and Naomi!

High Jumps by Tariq and Naomi!










2014-05-22 10.12.32





Aun jumping high!




2014-05-22 10.18.05




France and Australia collecting their precious stones!





2014-05-22 10.24.31








The high climb – Omar nearly at the top!




2014-05-22 10.12.42



Jennifer, Ronan, Ella and Matthew climbing high!






2014-05-22 11.49.59



Carly, Nelly and Dylans Mum with a surprise visitor in the background!





2014-05-22 11.48.19





Look at some of the amazing facts we found out while on the tour!




2014-05-22 12.03.19





Australia Class taking a break on the Tayto factory tour.




2014-05-22 12.07.32





The Vortex Tunnel! We LOVED it, it felt like we were spinning!






2014-05-22 12.07.45





Vortex Tunnel again.







2014-05-22 12.20.34




Meer was delighted to get a photo with his favourite animal.. the MEERkat!





2014-05-22 12.19.38





Eoghan and Dylan with Meerkats in the background!




2014-05-22 12.31.37





A huge tiger which we got to see! This is the female, and they had huge paws!




2014-05-22 12.28.09


This was fitting for Australia Class! This is an Emu, which is only found in Australia and is one of our table names in class.

They came really close to the fence and were spitting, so we made sure we kept our hands outside the fence!