In the coming weeks each class will have a meeting with parents where the teacher goes over the programme for the coming year. It is also a chance to find out about homework, class routines and other need to know items for your child for this school year.

Parents always find this meeting really beneficial and it gets us all off to a great start each year. Below is a timetable for each meetings. All meetings will take place in your child’s classroom and start at 8.45am. The meeting will last for 20 minutes to facilitate those rushing off to work.



Thursday 4th September Senior Infants Iceland
Friday  5th September Senior Infants Peru
Monday 8th September Rang 1 Poland
Tuesday  9th September Rang 1 Japan
Wednesday 10th September Rang 2 Greece
Thursday 11th September Rang 2 Chile
Tuesday 16th September Rang 3 Australia
Wednesday 17th September Rang 3 France
Thursday 18th September Rang 4  Romania
Friday 19th September Rang 4 Spain
Monday 22nd September Rang 5 Brazil
Tuesday 23rd September Rang 5 Norway
Tuesday 23rd September Rang 6 China
Wednesday 24th September Junior Infants Sweden
Thursday 25th September Junior Infants Austria
Friday 26th September Outreach Ireland Class

We look forward to meeting you all over the coming weeks and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions,

Kind Regards,






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