Dear Parents,

it has been a great first few days back at school which have been immensely enjoyable. I would like to bring to your attention the importance of safety during drop off and collection. We have a traffic policy which is displayed in the ball courts and I would like to thank all the parents for following the rules. There are a few concerns that I would like to bring to everybody’s attention:

  1. Please make sure that toddlers stay with a responsible adult at all times. It is not safe when there is traffic involved  to let them wonder off ahead etc. There are over 400 people exiting the building at home time and it is always very stressful for a young child when they get lost or cannot find their parents. Toddlers have no concept of traffic and need to be watched at all time
  2. It is important that all members of the school community follow the instructions of Billy and the other traffic stewards. They are there for everyones safety.
  3. Be patient! Even on the busiest day the traffic is all gone by 2.30pm.
  4. Walking, cycling and car pooling are really nice ways to start your day, reduce your stress and not be part of the daily traffic jam here in Lucan

I would really like to thank  you all for your cooperation with this. It is for all our safety,


Many thanks Eddie






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