Book week in Lucan East was fun. During the week we went to the book fair to find books we wanted to buy and read. We love books in France class!

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In English we learned about procedural writing. When we wrote up our procedures for chocolate covered apples with sprinkles our teacher said we could make them and eat them!! It was soooo yummy!!

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On Friday we all dressed up as our favourite book characters and then we had a party. We danced the day away and tried on Linda Jane’s costume. Look what we got up to below!

image_10 image (3) image_6 (3) image_5 (3) image_4 (3) image_3 (3) image_1 (3) image_8




In art we learned about the painter Pier Mondrian. We took a piece of Mondrian’s painting and camouflaged it into our own paintings! can you spot the piece of Mondrian’s work?


This month France Class have also been making Irish monsters! Can you read the Irish each monster is saying?

IMG_6698 IMG_6699


In our First Steps writing we learned how to write character profiles by making notes first and using them to write full sentences. Check out our notes.


We learned all about Diwali, the festival of light and we made beautiful Rangoli patterns that now hang from the roof of our hallway. We love seeing them everyday.


Lastly we all learned about the Arctic, including Arctic animals,  Arctic weather and even the Titanic. We decided to make a project on what we had learned and we displayed it outside our classroom for our parents to see.




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