Today our boys soccer team played a friendly match with our near neighbours Adamstown Educate Together. […]
Aileen from the Down Syndrome Centre ( spoke to 5th and 6th class yesterday about down […]
Parental Involvement is when parents get involved in school activities. Last Friday and today, some of […]
Hi everyone, This week was so busy. We started a cycling course on Wednesday with Mike […]
Hi everyone, This winter we worked very hard. We always have something to do.We had handball […]
This week we had a lot of fun. Read this blog and you will find out […]
This week France class were up to loads of cool stuff.Our Irish phrase of the week […]
This week we did deaf signs for people that don’t know how to speak. It was […]
This week France class did some interesting stuff  like selfie art!!!We learned  a little bit of […]
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