On Monday Guzzler  and Lucy came to our school.

They   taught  us  a  lot  of  things  about  energy  and  played  a  lot  of  games  with  us. We did a lot of experiments.  Guzzler  said  that  he  could  prove  that  he  had  a  bowl   of  sunshine  for  breakfast. He meant that he had corn flakes because corn  gets energy from the sun then the farmer  harvests  the corn and sells it to the factory and they cook the corn and get corn flakes ,then we understood that he actually meant corn flakes.

Then Lucy gave her energy to the basket ball and the basket ball gave its energy to the tennis ball by  putting the tennis ball on top of the basket ball and she dropped the balls and the tennis ball bounced up high . Then guzzler said that he wants a rocket on his skateboard. But it actually was a balloon. So then we got two strings and put two straws on each string ,then we sellotaped  balloons on each straw. We let go of the balloons and straws went as fast as a rocket. So Guzzler meant balloons on his skateboard.

Then Lucy picked 3 people  and the 3 people held lemons ,she got 2 types of metal ,copper and zinc ,she gave each child both metals ,the children put them in the lemons, then she got crocodile clips and she joined all the crocodile clips together and she put some on the metals that were on the lemons .Then the little light bulb lit up.

We really enjoyed all the experiments and  games.

By: Hadeel and Anastasija in Spain class.

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